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7 maret 2014
22.04 malam

i just found out about this band,from a friend
my chairmate discovered them and yea, i pretty much adore their music
they sound good. and the singing was inseparable for their hit single,all i want

but i act not as a music critician here,i would like to show you all their video clip
it wasn't sweet. it was cheesy. but yea,suddenly i like cheesy things. this video showed it differently
maybe it was from their point of view? i dunno. i likes suburgatory also because of their honest point of view
so yea,i love/hate their video. it was sweet,it was cheesy,and it was also too sweet to be true

it was to sweet to be true

part 1
part 2

ps : it was the shitty feature of youtube videos that i had to show the link. but anyway,enjoy

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