Bali 2017

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Went on a trip to Bali with my brother for 5 nights
8 Jan - 12 Jan 2017

Not was all fun and games, the first night we might had to slept at the airport. Luckily our aunt or as we call her "Bundi" are awake so we decided to crash there (at 2am to be exact. Sorry,Bun).

Sun of bali shines brighter rather than Jakarta. This trip, I particularly tried on sleeping at a hostel. It was a new experience. Sharing a room and bunk bed with other strangers (which was mostly, foreigners) are quite ok. Things that I need more time adjusting are the bathroom. It’s a shared, unisex bathroom with shared use. Ain’t that’s a new experience.

Went to tour Seminyak the first day. Get to know the beach bar and spending the days until sun sets down. The day after, we got up early and went to my Brother’s friend place to crash, Maya. Along with her friend Qezi, we went to northern Bali, the region of Karangasem. Takes time as we drove for about 4hrs and got up to Pantai Amed (Amed Beach). Snorkeling for about 30 minutes (which was exhausting) and went to Blue Lagoon for the sunset.

Third day accomplished by me and my brother to enjoy the day in a more laid back way. Spending 3 hours at Petitenget Beach below the bright sun on 12am clock. Enjoying the wind and sleeping below the white umbrellas as I listened to my current playlist. Going further to Alila on a hot and sunny traffic of Bali (think I fucked up my legs. Qanit got a tan line on his shoulder. Yeah, we rode a motorcycle) was worth all the sun. Alila was surely a place to brag about, to take photos, to be serene and getting the bliss of tranquility. Not wanting to miss the sunset again, Nusa Dua Beach were beautiful on capturing the horizon.

Last days of four, we woke up late, pack our bags, went to buy souvenirs, cheering drinks at an overpriced beach club, then went to the airport. Another journey well spent, moreover spent with the brother.


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