#ASEAN50 - 1st ASEAN University Network - Student Week 2017

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My name is Abshar Aryun Abary, and i am representing The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia for the First ASEAN University Network - Student Week 2017

It was a shock for me at first when i got the chance to represent my beloved faculty at this big event. I don't really have a thing arround ASEAN, let alone an international experience. I got to meet some international students beforehand, but never was a 'participant' to say.

Each student of 12 out of 14 undergraduate faculties of UI send out their delegates for this program. Joining us, were groups of youths coming from ASEAN countries : Myanmar, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  At first, i was so excited to be there. It was a first time experience for me - meeting another person that came from another place with each stories and backgrounds differs. The program were consisted of lectures around many issues, including waste and water management, poverty eradication, community rights protection, and a four more lectures brought by UI's best professors and doctors. We also got a time to do field trips, to a healthcare institution, national park, and a city park to observe Indonesian environment through three different scopes. Within our free time, we also spend the time to grab some dinner together – eating the local delicacies such as martabak, nasi padang, pecel lele, or sate taichan to get the kids around the trend.

As a UI student, we were divided into seven groups, being as a buddy and also a mentor to guide non-UI Students should they have any difficulties around the task or any questions about the program. Through this program, I have learned a lot - it's multidisciplinary approach are enriched with a lot of issues from health to engineering and social issues. It is also an eye opening to see how ASEAN are the new emerging forces of the world. as of today, 8th of August 2017, ASEAN are commemorating the #ASEAN50 - a golden age to ply that we are strong and healthy. A time to know that through cooperation and working together we are reaching prosperity. I believe, ASEAN should be, oh well, will be - the number one.

Back to the program, i miss them, a lot! It is not only the studying experience that i gain, it is a lifelong friendship that built by our short time together. Not only the UI students are always cheerful, i also got the chance to exchange experience and deep talks with our ASEAN youths. Many of them are smart - telling their stories about histories of their ancestors and countries. Many of them are also inspiring, they are warm and keen to smile. All of them are full of love, another reason why this program will always had a special place in my heart.

I will allways miss you guys!

The brunei babies, Amal, the vogue girl who had a lot of smile - Bruneians that gives out radiant vibes to be arround
Amirah, the girl who always have a calm and cool attitude to share.

The vietnamese groupies !
Gentle / Hien, the girl who dreamt of becoming a teacher - what a noble dream
Thinh, the petroleum engineer that said i am an interesting guy, you are also one to watch man!
An! The ferocius and pretty vietnamese girl who had a high soul in adventurous journey

Our Myanmar kids
Karen the anime girl, who had high imaginations arround life
And mr David Chan! The little brother that i always wished for. Thank you for the brief Myanmar history, for the times you always speaks English in a stutter way ... Hahaha, it is a good time to chat with an 18 year old college student that brought jokes as a daily needs

The Cambodian people
Long Somony, the first ever live monk that i got the chance to know and shared. Thank you for your lessons of life based on buddhism - you smiled and laughed a lot too ..
Wan who tries really hard to learn Indonesian and accomplished to sing Raisa’s Songs. You be good kid.
Seavppenh Hout, one amazing Cambodian that always are proud of becoming a Cambodian
Meylinh - the business student, speaks smart and learns fast, the bestie of Winona

Thailand scientist,
Bob and Pim, a two contradictive personalities with Pim as the more calm kid and Bob becoming... Bob. Hahahaha, lots of laugh shared guys!

Indonesian girls
Puspa, our future agriculturist
And Jessica, the instafamous girl from Surabaya! (If i come to SBY, you will meet me ya.. Hahaha)

Nahla the sweetest girl that speaks the G language, the type that always laughs on the smallest things
Christian the almost no joke bro – the guy with a good English, a recent grad who came from Batam, and an adequate beliver of something. I know that you will do good, Tian.
Diba, one wise and just graduated psych from Cits. Oh yeah, Cits.
Anissa, who left too early..
And Bagas - a guy that has many trades, the winner of the easiest to laughf first and the Korean aspiring entertainer
Thanks a lot guys! Especially Room 316, that has taken me as a refugee (re: numpang) for a week or more. With Bagas and Tian, sharing a lot of stories and laughs until near morning, watching movies from FOX, trying to silent Tian’s snoring, getting ready with a lot of jokes and got sleepy the next day for the programme. THANK YOU for the best time spent. Favehotel Depok has been a witness to the craziness of Room 316

And also!
The UI squad!
Raisya, Bram, Wildan, Indah, Syifa, Shady, Zia, Ericko, Saint, Nabila, and Winona. Without you guys this is a boring and nothing time. And as reckless as you are, i am grateful.
PS: BB, Smoke weed, IFC, PDT, Bocil, roti jepang, minyak, L.Inter, ustad/wortel/jakmania, jackie, paragita, dan segala macam karya seni yang kita buat akan selalu menjadi tanda hati atas kebersamaan kita.


Loved and foremost,

Abshar Aryun - Abary
The Representative of FISIP UI for the 1st AUN-SW 2017


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